Who Counts Calories?

What exactly is counting calories? And why is it so difficult? Most of us have no problem at all when it comes to counting. Counting is counting, like counting sheep, etc. I see no real reason anyone would want to count calories, seems pretty boring.

Ok, fine, so you really do know what counting calories refers to. That doesn't mean you have to like it, right? Obviously most people that start counting calories are over-weight and are trying to diet. That does not mean that no one else counts them, just that being over- weight is a great motivator. Of course you may continue to count them after losing weight as a way to avoid weight gain.

That said the actual act of counting calories might seem a bit old- fashioned with the proliferation of "low-carb" or "high protein" diets. However, most experts tell us that maintaining the low calorie approach is actually still the best way to lose weight. If you think about the number of diets that are available to you, such as Atkins diet, Grapefruit diet, Hollywood diet, the list appears never-ending and it may overwhelm you.

You may try any or all of these diets and the chances are that some (most) may not produce the desired results. You may decide that the diet you are on is too difficult to sustain or even just don't like the taste, etc. If you are not happy with one and move on to the next you still have that chance of not obtaining results.

Which means that even if you don't like the idea of counting calories it does appear to be the one thing that consistently results in weight loss.