Weight Loss Links

Weight loss is an immense concern for many Americans. Michelle Obama has focused her efforts on the problem of childhood obesity. However, many American adults struggle with the same issue. If you are concerned about this problem, what are some of the basic things you should know?

At the foundation, be realistic. There are endless fad diets that claim to give great results with little work or sacrifice. The reality is that you cannot lose weight without eating less and exercising more. Find a diet that helps you achieve those foundational goals. If a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You should also recognize from the outset that weight loss will be a continual battle. There is a reason that so many American's struggle with it. You cannot become thin or stay thin without a radical change in your lifestyle.

However, if you are able to achieve this goal, the results are worth it. This is also why so many Americans want to do better. You will be healthier, have more energy, look great, and feel better about yourself. In fact, you will probably feel like a different person altogether. No one finishes a successful weight loss program and regrets all the hard work. Plenty of people regret not losing weight.


webmd.com - This site is a very credible source with lots of advanced tools for analyzing your diet and losing weight. You will also find plenty of articles written by medical doctors and experienced dieticians. One of the most helpful resources is the food meter, which allows you to get calorie and nutritional facts on over 37,000 foods.

weightwatchers.com - This is the official site of the Weight Watchers diet program and products. Here, you can register for one of the local programs, but you can also use many of their resources for free (use the menu bar at the top). These include exercises, recipes, products to buy, and even success stories from other dieters to keep you motivated.

mayoclinic.com - The Mayo clinic is well known as one of the most reputable sources for medical information. The same quality is available when it comes to dieting. The information on this site is not as extensive as a few others, but you can be confident that you will only find quality information here with strong medical backing.

freedieting.com - This site offers a large number of free diets ands correlates dieting tools from across the web. For instance, you can find eight different calculators to help you measure your goals and dieting needs. Unfortunately, the site is not well-organized and can be confusing. Still, the resources here are helpful, and most of all, everything is free.