Carbohydrate Diets

Recently, a number of popular diets have identified carbohydrates as the key to losing weight. Most encourage you to avoid carbs at all costs and insist that if you do, your weight loss will be successful. Are these just passing fads, or is there really something to this concept? Here are a few things to recognize.

First, these diets identify carbohydrates as the problem because your body can convert them into sugar very quickly. Since sugar is the fuel you run on, this means that some carbohydrates can be as fattening as sugar.

On the other hand, it is unhealthy to assume that all carbohydrates are bad. Really, the focus of dieting should be on the kind of carbohydrates that you eat, rather than eliminating them altogether. In fact, a balanced diet should contain a significant amount of carbohydrate rich foods. The key is to prefer complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread rather than the simple carbohydrates in white flour.

Finally, a major problem with these diets is that they turn the focus to carbohydrates instead of calories. In fact, the basic focus should be on burning more fuel than you take in, which means the culprit is calories.

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