Weight measures the heaviness of a human body in kilograms or pounds.

Weight gain and weight control are of principle concern for the majority of Americans, particularly as aesthetic appeal is often judged by weight. Men and women of all ages are increasingly afflicted with eating or glandular disorders and the cultural preoccupation with weight. Medical assessments of weight deal with scientific ratios according to height and sex.

Culturally- or medically-deemed overweight individuals often opt for a quick weight loss program rather than a healthy weight loss regimen. A frantic desire to lose weight may cause a person to forgo nutrition for fast fixes that are not permanent and might even lead to extra weight gain down the road.

Healthy weight control, on the other hand, starts with realistic expectations, an examination of body type, a look at potential health problems and a prudent weight management system. Weight loss centers and weight loss control services offer wise methods and support for those that wish to lose weight.