How to Lose Weight

Just the thought of losing weight equals mental hemorrhaging for some people. The reason for this misery usually goes back to the diets, pills, and hocus weight loss and exercise aids they've tried over the years--none of which worked. Many people would rather give up the weight loss game than try any of these methods again.

However, weight loss doesn't have to be so difficult to understand. To put it simply, eating less calories than you burn makes for a thinner you. However, actually accomplishing this goal isn't quite so simple, especially when cravings and hunger pangs run rampant. Still, even with these difficulties, attempting weight loss doesn't have to include frustration, anger, and disillusionment.

The trick to healthy, lasting weight loss is little changes in your routine. Trying to consume a few less calories and exercise more every day will, over time, make the calories disappear. For example, when possible, try walking instead of driving. Mixing juice with sparkling water instead of guzzling a liter of coke. Baking potatoes at home instead of munching on greasy potato chips. If you're a stress eater, try hanging out with a good friend after a hectic day instead of digging into that pint of ice cream. Keep making these little changes, don't get discouraged, and work at it until they become habits. Soon, the weight will eventually come off and stay off.

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