Surgical Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is a drastic step taken to promote weight loss particularly among obese populations. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, weight loss surgery such as stomach reduction surgery and intestinal (gastric) bypass may help an obese person become thinner and thus healthier.

During stomach reduction surgery, staples or bands separate the stomach into two parts (vertical banded gastroplasty). During stomach banding and intestinal bypass surgery, the upper half of the stomach is banded, partitioned off and connected to the intestines. In a variation of gastric bypass surgery, portions of the stomach structure are removed.

Risks of stomach stapling and gastric bypass surgery include infection, migration of the banding, bone disease and anemia (especially in the case that the patient does not follow the post-operative diet). Gallstone formation, malnutrition and stomach ulcers are other possible risks of weight loss surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery costs approximately $25,000 and is not typically covered by medical insurance. Persons considering undergoing weight loss surgery should consult a physician.