Calorie Counter

A calorie counter measures the amount of calories contained in a certain food. Persons concerned with daily caloric intake may input the names and serving sizes of food into a calorie counter which subsequently adds up daily calories consumed. Fast food calorie counters are useful to individuals who eat out frequently at less expensive venues, but still desire to chart their caloric intake.

Some food calorie counters also calculate the number of calories burned during exercise using information about a person's weight, the type of physical activity and the duration of time. Electronic calorie counters can be worn on the wrist or held in order to quickly and accurately identify calories burned or workout specifics, such as number of steps taken. Handheld calorie counters range from $85 to $125.

Online calorie counter sites provide dieting profiles using a person's height, weight and age. The BMI (Body Mass Index) appears, as well as suggested fitness plans, calorie counting charts, diet plans, recipes, newsletters and advice on staying fit in a corporate or home environment.