There Are Calories in Pizza?

Don't you love those evenings or weekend afternoons when you can just order out to have a pizza delivered? If you ask them to include a beverage then you have no reason to bother getting up. If you are thinking well someone has to answer the door and pay the kid, ha! You do have other options: You can always have your kid answer the door and pay, though you may want to make sure you have exact change including a tip because kids aren't always the best at money problems, especially when it is not their money. Or, a personal favorite have your dog or other pet answer the door, just attach a little envelope to the caller and send them on. Still haven't quite figured out how to actually get the pizza into the room since Fido eats in on his way.

Seriously, hate being the bearer of bad news, but there are calories, lots of calories in pizza. However, the toppings and crust type do make a difference in the amount of calories, so that may be its redeeming quality. For instance a thin crust Pepperoni has about 290 calories per slice. An all meat pizza comes in around 350 calories per slice and the vegetarians will love this a veggie pizza has about 215 calories per slice, so they are the lowest.

If you don't want to give up your pizza addiction but still want to be a little healthier and count calories try ordering a half the cheese pizza directing the store to just use half the amount of what they normally do on a cheese pizza. Of course using veggie toppings is a help and if possible eat a salad before the pizza to help you get to that full feeling without actually devouring the whole pizza.