Calories in a Banana

Depending on who you ask, bananas are either the best food on the planet or something you avoid at all costs. Let's clear it up for the poor banana.

Calories in a banana work towards creating energy in one's system. Fruits are good for you no matter what anyone says. They are high- fiber, digest quickly and provide quick and healthy energy when you need them. So how many calories are in a banana? It obviously depends on the size. The calories can range from anymore between 72 calories in a 6" banana to 135 in a 9" banana. The great thing about bananas is they taste good. For those who crave sweets, bananas take the edge off while satisfying the sweet tooth.

Why do people avoid bananas on a diet?

Usually those who avoid bananas aren't counting calories, but rather, carbs. Bananas are a wonderful energy food because they are loaded with carbs. Athletes especially need carbs to keep them active and energetic. If you're on a low-carb diet, then bananas aren't on that list as a 6" banana contains 17.3 carbs and a 9" banana up to 18.4 carbs. Keep in mind that a fruit's carb burns off differently than the carbs found in donuts or other processed sweets and foods.

Can you lose weight eating a banana a day?

Again, it depends who you ask, but nutritionists definitely recommend keeping the banana in the diet. Why? Because bananas have low sodium content and high potassium which helps the body get rid of water, and in turn weight. They also are a low-fat fruit that gives you that extra bounce to get you started in the mornings.