Atkins Diet

The brainchild of Dr. Robert Atkins, the Atkins diet is an internationally recognized diet plan that is essentially a non to low carbohydrate diet. During the first phase of the Atkins diet, participants take in no grains or sugars--an Atkins diet food list makes up this diet menu that is said to change the body's metabolism from carbohydrate burning to fat burning. In the second stage of the Atkins diet plan, participants are encouraged to continue with a low carb diet and a low sugar diet.

Atkins diet plan information utilizes sugar ranking codes for foods in three categories of sugar content. Dr. Atkins diet outline suggests eating mostly from the lowest sugar ranking food group, slightly from the medium sugar food group and very little from the top sugar food group. Atkins diet recipes range from salads and soups to sea food and Buffalo wings. Atkins food can be ordered from the Atkins web site and are priced from $3 to $31. Atkins diet products found in grocery stores range from shakes to snack power bars to recipe mixes.

Various books outline the Atkins diet plan. Atkins diet tips and free Atkins information can be found online as well. Atkins products include calorie counters for personal computers, palm pilots and cell phones.

Before engaging in any diet plan or weight loss program, consult a physician.