The dangers of Dieting

Dieting can be a beneficial self-project for those who carry excess body fat, particularly since obesity poses health risks. A healthy diet involves calorie counting and keeping an educated eye upon which foods to eat and their nutritional value. Diets programs should work on an individual basis, promote exercise and offer a diverse and nutritional diet so that all health considerations are kept in mind.

Fad diets are typically unhealthy as they offer rapid weight loss that is unsustainable. Yo-yo dieting often results in weight gain on top of the original weight. Other fad diets exclude entire food groups and promise results without scientific evidence or medical theory behind them. These yo-yo diets and other fad diets may lead to malnutrition and poor body functioning.

Before endeavoring to lose weight by participating in a diet program, it is important to consult a physician whose health, fitness and nutrition advice is invaluable.