South Beach Diet

Created in Miami, Florida by Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet distinguishes good carbohydrates from bad carbohydrates, the latter Agatston insists promote insulin resistance and thereby inhibit the body from metabolizing sugar (and fat) in suitable ways.

The South Beach Diet food list suggests appropriate whole grains and certain fruits and vegetables to be consumed in three phases. The first two phases promote weight loss while the third is based on keeping the weight off with nutritious food.

During the first South Beach diet phase, the dieter eats three meals a day with mandatory snacks (the meals and snacks must not include bread, rice, potatoes, baked grains or alcohol). In the second phase of the South Beach diet meal plan, whole grains and fruits are slowly incorporated in to the diet--participants are urged to watch how the body responds to the grain when it is reintroduced. The third phase of the South Beach diet also involves monitoring the body's response to certain foods--this close eye is what helps keep weight off.

One can find South Beach diet information online including South Beach diet recipes, acceptable South Beach diet snacks and South Beach diet tips. The South Beach diet message board keeps dieters linked.

Before considering any diet plan or mode of weight loss, consult with a physician to determine a healthy diet and exercise route.