Starvations Diets and Why They Don't Work

We've all heard of those crazy starvation diets, often celebrated by women in Hollywood who succumbed to them. In today's high-pressure society of keeping everyone skinny (and starved), anorexics are made daily through irrational ways of eating, or rather, not eating. Starvation diets don't work because when you deprive your body of food, it automatically shuts down and retains fat, water and calories. A fast once in a while is good for the mind and body, but longer fasts causes the body's metabolism to slow down, making it even tougher to lose weight.

Water-only detox diet

Some people try this starvation diet to lose weight. They only drink water and sometimes add lemon to it. The body recognizes that suddenly it is being deprived of food. It begins to slow the metabolism down and stores the remaining fat.

Skipping meals

Once again, skipping meals causes the metabolism to slow down, as the body recognizes the person is on yet another "starvation diet!" The body wants and needs nutrition, but it being deprived. As a result,it retains the weight and fat rather than losing it as a person desires. Basically, when you put a body on a starvation diet to lose weight, it rebels and causes the very opposite to happen. You begin to lose muscle and your metabolic rate lowers. The more muscles you have, the more calories you need. Nourishment is needed EVEN when losing weight.

Another reason starvation diets don't work is because they cause stress on the body and stress stimulates appetite. When the starving person gets their senses back and starts eating, that person usually starts gorging on all the wrong foods.