Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss is achieved through healthy eating habits, exercise and dietary aids such as vitamin supplements and natural ingredients that don't involve artificial medication or stimulants.

Teas that stimulate metabolism and introduce anti-oxidants are a popular means of fat reduction. Natural weight loss pills that block carbohydrates, facilitate cell productivity, and suppress the appetite while bringing in additional nutrients are also used as a diet technique. Natural dietary patches, energy drinks derived from apple cider vinegar and powder shakes can be purchased in health stores, from magazines or on the internet.

The extract siphoned from the stem of the succulent Hoodia gordonii plant is used as an appetite suppressant in South Africa.

Acupuncture is an alternative means of natural weight loss. Performed correctly, acupuncture is said to speed up metabolism and alleviate depression-related eating disorders.

Persons seeking to lose weight through natural methods or otherwise should consult a doctor for exercise, medication and nutrition information.