Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is an internationally recognized weight loss program whose participants have weekly scheduled meetings in one of the Jenny Craig weight loss centers throughout the U.S.

Jenny Craig diet plan participants enjoy recipes and planned menus; individual consultations; dieting techniques; the benefit of a weight loss center and of at home weight loss; and various online forums for meeting other Jenny Craig followers.

For convenience sake, Jenny Craig telephone consultations can be arranged and Jenny Craig food can be delivered to a diet program participant at home for an additional fee (JennyDirect benefits). Jenny Craig's website allows dieters to join the Myjenny program to receive newsletters, a Jenny Craig message board and other benefits.

Jenny Craig dieters typically undergo diets whose caloric intake is no less than 1200. In addition, every Jenny Craig meal comes with supplements for nutritional value.

Consult a physician before beginning any method of weight loss, diet or exercise.