Good nutritionists, which are often but not always M.D.'s or D.O.'s (osteopaths), many times offer the final key for those trying to eat more healthfully. Some people, most people perhaps, have difficultly coming up with the most healthful eating plan. Even if they do come up with a good plan, they generally find it hard to stick with it. To combat this problem, nutritionists will both determine the best plan for you and offer you the support needed to stick with this plan.

The right nutritionist will have the education necessary to offer expert advice about those needs. Although many nutritionists have their doctorates, these degrees are not necessary to having a reputable practice. However, make sure your nutritionist is registered. The name "nutritionist" does not require licensing, but a "dietician" needs to have a licensed. Make sure your dietary professional meets the dietician standards of your state.

When choosing a dietician, do not forget to do your research and shop around. Don't settle with someone you are uncomfortable with just because they claim expertise in their field. Not everyone nutritionist is equal. You want one who listens to your needs. Avoid self-obsessed practitioners who view you as the uninformed novice. Although nutritionists have the training you don't have, you are the expert of the strengths and limitations of your own body. At the same time, listen to their advice. You are paying for what they trained to do. Make sure to get your money's worth.

Links - At Find a Nutritionist, you can search an online database of practitioners in most U.S. states. The site breaks down nutritionists by state and has nearly 500 options. However, this site may not work for everyone. Around a dozen states do not have nutritionists listed. People looking for a nutritionists in one of these states should check out another site. - Google Directory's dietitians and nutritionists page has a list of over a dozen individual web pages. The clinics and practitioners section offers 77 web pages. Moreover, the dieticians and nutritionists organization section offers 111 choices interspersed throughout Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States with the majority of these organizations being in the states. - The Nutritionists Directory, put out by, offers a searchable database of nutritionists in the United States and Canada. Searchers can either enter their zip or manually look through the entries by selecting a state, province, or city. The site also offers a link to a similar searchable database of therapists.