Mayo Clinic Diet

Circulating since the mid 1940's, the Mayo Clinic diet is not by any means associated with the real Mayo Clinic nor is it endorsed by this institution.

As a diet plan, the misnomered Mayo Clinic diet has shifted viewpoints over the years, however, typically takes the form of a high protein, high fat and high cholesterol regime that lasts an average of seven days. The diet claims to bring about rapid weight loss but has no real nutritional value and may pose health risks if followed more than seven days.

The premise of the Mayo Clinic Diet is that fat and meat can be used to stop hunger--eating fat until the stomach feels full, then, is the chief objective of the diet. The Mayo Clinic diet claims that grapefruit burns fat and fried food helps a person lose weight. In terms of health, weight loss and nutrition, these theories hardly seem sound.

An individual who wishes to engage in any diet plan (including food and fitness modification) should consult a physician about health and nutrition concerns.