How to eat out healthy

When starting a diet or trying to eat more healthy many people feel they have to give up on eating out and subsist on greens and carrot juice. However, restaurant meals do not necessarily equal weight gain or poor food choices. In fact, many restaurants now offer weight and health friendly menu options. By following a few simple tips, you can eat in a restaurant without forfeiting your health or your diet.

Make sure to choose steamed, broiled, baked, or grilled over fried, scalloped, or au gratin. Choose water or juice over high-calorie and sugar laden sodas and specialty drinks. Ask for condiments to be served on the side. If you can't resist dessert, request fruit and yogurt or sherbet. Even if these dishes are not offered on the menu, check with your server. Some restaurants have off menu choices. On that note, never be afraid to ask your waiter about other off menu options. Often, restaurants will allow you to request changes in a dish-for example, requesting a dish be made with a lower calorie sauce.

Overall, the key to eating out and staying healthy is making wise, informed choices. Restaurants, as with any menu, offer both bad and healthful choices. The secret to eating better is knowing what is good for you and what is bad for you and, based on that knowledge, choosing the healthful options and indulging sparingly. But if you do choose to indulge, make sure its as an occasional treat and not a habit.

Links - contains various pages on eating well. Among these pages is a list of tips for eating out. Although the site targets its tips towards those with heart health concerns, those concerned about their overall health could make use of the advice offered as well. The page also offers links to advice for more specific menus. For example, one link has advice on eating healthful Indian cuisine. Other links include information on eating healthful vegetarian and Chinese food. - Healthy Dining Finder assists individuals in finding good restaurant choices. Searches enter their criteria-city, state, or zip, type of service, and price range-and the search database offers a selection of restaurants which fit these criteria as well as one of the health-friendly options offered at each restaurant. Although the site does not, at this time, offer allergy information, this information will be, according to the site, available shortly.