Change your smile, change your body!

By Dr. Thomas Connelly

In my dental practice on Central Park South in New York City, I see a wide variety of patients. People are seeking a "smile make-over"-- a complete transformation of their smile. People are seeking whiter, straighter, larger, and smaller teeth. Often, we have patients present with every aspect of their smile and teeth in dysfunction. One thing that most of my patients have in common is - when we complete their smile transformation - miraculously these people have transformed their entire bodies! People are inspired by their smile make-over to continue to better themselves by getting in shape and feeling their very best. After their initial consultation, my patients, both male and female, often return for follow-up care reporting that they have started exercising more frequently and eating healthier while getting ready for their new teeth.

Motivation and a new beginning.

Motivation is hard to come by when you're staring down the barrel of a double slice of chocolate gateau cheesecake from Godiva, Paris. There are certain moments in our lives that seem to magically inspire us to make dramatic changes in ourselves and allow us to overcome these temptations. These "things" that inspire us (and vary enormously from person to person) to overcome obstacles and build-up our motivation are the "things" we need to identify, capture and exploit!

Obvious smile concerns

The woman pictured above, in her late 40s, was unhappy with her smile. Certain individuals with a major flaw such as this have a "why both?" attitude when it comes to issues such as weight control and overall outward appearance (clothing, hair, make-up, etc.). When the obvious flaws are addressed, then other potential issues are much easy to identify and conquer.

Smile issues corrected

With the smile corrected - this woman is now looking at herself in a completely different manner. Notice the fresh hair style, brighter lipstick, and healthier looking skin - a renewed motivation for complete body health is apparent.

After getting your smile make-over, consider some of the following ideas in your journey to the new, fresh "you" make-over...

  • A new hair style - Splurge! Drive into the city and pay the big bucks at a trendy salon to get yourself an exotic and stylish new hair cut and color.
  • A tan - Get out of your office and house and visit the beach. Soak up some rays and give your skin a new glow. Choose a tanning oil that contains SPF 15 to ensure that you don't end up looking like a lobster. Or consider getting a spray tan to save yourself the risk altogether!
  • New clothing - Splurge and buy that designer suit or dress from Neiman Marcus that is way out of your budget. Buy it one size too small and hang it in a visible place in your closet for some added motivation.
  • New jewelry - Pick up a stylish pair of earrings, a necklace, or a watch. Purchase the jewelry and do not allow yourself to wear it until you have reached a certain weight goal. Write this goal on a large envelope and place the jewelry in the envelope; give the envelope to a friend you can trust.
  • Botox treatment - $500 will get anyone a lot of Botox. If it's something you are curious about, try it out. If you don't like it, it goes away in three months.
  • Stylish glasses - Get some top dollar designer glasses that are sold at a boutique in the city. A nice pair of eyes can change your look completely.
  • Laser eye surgery - Lose your glasses all together!
  • Dental veneers - Need I say more? See the pictures above.

Dieters struggle to find will power and motivation. Rather than focusing on quirky new machines, or new improved diet medications - try finding a way to renew a different aspect of yourself that has nothing to do with losing weight. With what I have seen in my dental practice it is a great way to jump start your will power and motivation!

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